Drama Queen

Khayra has been super clingy these days. Most of the times, the husband assured me that she faked it. I hardly have problems leaving her either to work, or to anywhere else before since she usually understands that there are places which she just can’t tag along no matter how much she wanted to.

I started bringing Khayra to school for the past few weeks. Azim did too. Whenever one of us had to stay back, we made it a point to bring Khayra along, just to spend more time with her. Normally Azim would just take her to the school’s cafe to chill while I would bring her to the newspaper room when Azim has some appointments with the tutors in the next room.

And it turned out it wasn’t a bright idea, because Khayra has started to think that it is alright for her to tag along whenever we go to school. Most of the time, the conversation comes to a successful end, but not these days.

I had to tip toe to leave the house in the morning, or else there comes a lengthy morning drama. Pushing, shoving, shrieking and begging – it gets worse when I try to negotiate so most of the time I’ll let her be, and let the husband handles it. Tough love. Hate it.

So, for the past few days, I made it a point to tell her a few versions of ‘No’. Instead of attending to her questions with a multiple ‘No’s, the conversation today went as follows.

Khayra : Mama, where are you going?

Me : I’m going to school, sayang.

Khayra : I ikut boleh?    “Can I tag along?”

Me : Yes Khayra, but maybe next time okay? Not today.

Khayra: Why? *sour face already

Me: Because today mama got lots of work. Next time you ikut, okay? “You can follow next time”

Khayra: Alright. Takpe, i duduk dengan papa.  “I’ll stay with papa”

In the afternoon, whenever I have a break from classes, I’ll text my husband to see what they are up to. Yesterday, it goes like this.

Me: Yang, what are you guys doing?

Husband sent a picture of both of them hugging each other on the couch, watching tv.

Me: Khayra tanya I tak.

Husband : Tak. Dia main je.


Obviously, she just wants to make me feel bad.

I should stop getting distracted at class.


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