A mother first, before I assume another roles. Currently in Cardiff, UK.

This blog is only meant to be a retreat, a solace and a sanctuary.

I have been in love with written words. It had for many years put food on my table, the clothes on my back and the fuel in my tank. It also bought my kid toys and brought more books on my shelves. It inspires me, and humbles me all at the same time.

Even I have stopped writing for publications, I want the love to last. Hence, this blog.

My primary interests are children’s development and anything related to parenting pipeline. My current research is on the media discourse on home births. In case you share the same interest, do let me know!

Read, if you will, whatever I scribble here. It may at times sound like an incredulous rant, or a boast (God forbid this one). Some days it may be me gushing in happiness, or wallowing in sadness. I do blog on my own whim, and some topics might be personal as I vent out my frustrations on horrid days. Please take the good for our mutual benefits and leave the bad.

In case you want to give a heads up on any issues, do contact me at maizatulranai@gmail.com.

Jazakkallah :]



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