Birthday Throwback

How time flies. I was searching for old files for my portfolio when I came across this video, somehow misplaced in between my document files in the hard drive. It’s Khayra’s second birthday party, and it turned out to be the most memorable, because everything was planned at the very last minute. The husband wanted it to be a private event, so we only invited family members and close relatives.

Khayra requested Doc Mcstuffin theme. Ok lie. I wanted a theme, and after series of negotiations with Khayra, she looked happy with having almost everything Mcstuffin. Although at the end of the day all she cared for was the balloons. Hee. Still it made our day.

I uploaded the video on youtube just in case my laptop and hard drive go haywire. It’s survival instincts. I think I should start uploading meaningful (and filtered) videos on it so I would never lost track of them. Forgetful is me these days.

And, Khayra will be turning 3 in three weeks time, and she’s already requesting me to throw out a birthday party, and definitely to invite all her friends. She’s also been hinting at me that she has a thing for OCTONAUTS, and I’m already nervous.

Once in a while, she would sing ‘Happy Birthday’, for herself, and force us to sing it together with her. We need to raise our voice and the husband should clap the loudest. And right after the song is over, she’ll blow her pretend candles and grin, while thanking people (her invisible audience) around. I am the worst mother ever if I don’t throw out a party this coming April. Albeit how small it is, there should be cakes, balloons, friends, and presents. Gulp. A tad emotional though, cause this will be the first time Khayra will be celebrating her birthday without our families back home.

It’s Lenny, if you happen to watch the show. In case you’re looking for someone who can customise cake for you in Seremban, you call call this lady. Her name is Qina (01223 92969 / 01925 52822). A very fine and lovely lady indeed. I’m not sure if she has changed her number or not, cause it’s been over a year, but it’s worth a try.


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