There is no such thing as those who read too much, my late mom once said. I was teased by my sisters once because I spent too much time in my room reading than joining them with endless antics that forced my late grandma, fondly called as ‘tok’ to lose her cool, hence the spanking with ‘bunga raya’ branches. That was hilarious. We miss you tok.

I am very delighted that K has developed a love affair with books. Whenever we go, she would melt with a sight of books. In fact she can actually spend hours looking at books and doing doodles. People might look at her and claimed that she got it from me. Flattered, but that was not really the case. To be honest, we introduced books to her very early. I remember a lot of people I know complained that their babies were good at tearing books & papers that they didn’t bother to buy them anymore. All babies did that, but what was actually wrong is when the mothers themselves don’t read to their babies.

I remember K has a lot of soft books which I bought from the book store, and some preloved ones that I got from generous friends. And we haven’t stopped buying books eversince. When we have too many books in the house (plus we move around a lot), we would swap them or sell them, and in return, we would be able to buy some more. I keep some of the books that carry fond memories, but most books would be swapped for new ones.


Time flies. This girl has grown in such a short time. I am thinking to have her hair trimmed but A convinced me that she doesn’t need one. Lol.


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