Tooth Story

I almost cried when I realised she actually have cavities. It all started when she complained of toothache and I realised two (NOT ONE) of her teeth have decayed. This happened when I was recuperating from D&C and I blamed myself that I have forgotten to make sure she brushed her teeth for weeks!

We asked my eldest to arrange for an appointment with the paediatric dentist at Sg Buloh hospital, but Azim had a full week so we postponed it. Azim was in charged with some health exhibition at PWTC, and K and I tagged along on the last day. There was a free dental check up so I asked if K wanted to have her teeth checked. She was fine with it, and off we went.

I was really proud (but acted normal) because I would never do it when I was at her age. Call me a ‘funk’ but dentists are never friends.

So for now, we have to clear our schedule for her treatment. And I will forever blame myself for being too ignorant. Sigh.


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