Sorely Missed

I’ve been feeling a bit down today.

I woke up around 4am, and I spent the morning finishing some errands, doing laundry, packing Khayra’s breakfast pack, then woke her up for school, woke Azim up for work, then got myself ready for work, and I realised that I just miss something.

That phone calls.

That voice.

That smiles.

And everything that resembled to perfection.

She would have been 61 today.

You are always missed, mak. Al Fatihah

This pic was taken on the morning of Hari Raya past few months. Azim always have hard time accepting mak’s death because they were quite close. Mak always supported him and gave him a piece of advice in anything he does. They used to cook together, and mak used to tell me that she is blessed that I married someone who can cook (since she knew cooking is my last passion and I wouldn’t do it to kill the time). Khayra was unhappy because she’s expecting mak to be there when we told her that we were going to visit mak.

We always wish she was here, today, with the rest of us. But we know whatever it is, she is in the safe hands. And she is happier. Amin Ya Rabb.


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