Those Questions

We were on our way back from grocery shopping when Khayra raised questions by questions which we haven’t prepared (yet) the answers. Either we are too ignorant or she’s early.

“So Mama, where is Allah? Kenapa saya tak nampak (Why cant I see him)?”

She has been asking the question a lot lately so we only gave her a realistic answer for a four-year-old. But the questions that follow left us dumbfounded. Azim tried to contain his laugh, and at the same time whispered to me “Is it starting now?”

I giggled. And yes I tried as best as I can to answer while Azim being the person who came to rescue whenever I was at loss for words.

K : That’s beautiful (pointing at the street lamp. Did Allah make it?

Me : No sayang. Humans invent the light. Allah buat kita, mama, papa, khayra, aura and everyvody (Allah creates us).

K : Allah buat apa lagi (What else did He make)?

Me : He makes the tree, mountains, sea, and the moon..

K : So He makes Princess Luna?! (Some My Little Pony’s character)

Me : Errrr yes

K : But where is He?

Me : Khayra, Allah is up there, we can’t see Him because he’s up high.

K : So is he big?

Me : We can’t see Him so we don’t know.

K : But is he big, like Papa? Or lagiii besar (or much bigger)?

Azim : You have to be a good girl then you can see Allah and you will know later.

K : But I want to talk to Allah. Camne saya nak cakap dengan Allah (How do I talk to Him)?

Me : That’s why you need to perform your prayers. Through prayers we speak to Allah.

K : But Allah diam je. Kenapa Dia tak cakap dengan saya (But he’s been quiet. Why is He not talking back to me)?

Azim : He will, when He is sure you really listened to Mama and Papa and be a good girl.

K : So can Allah come to rescue me, like the police?

Me : Yes.

K : How does Allah do that?

Me : He has powers.

K : Like the Spiderman???

Azim : Allah is greater. He is more powerful than Spiderman.

K : What’s His favourite food?

Azim : Allah doesn’t eat.

K : So how does He want to grow? Doesn’t he listen to Mama and Papa?

Azim : Allah doesn’t need to eat. He doesnt need to drink. He is really great. The greatest.

K : But why is He not drinking. He will be in trouble.

Me : Khayra, you need to finish your biscuits. Allah marah orang membazir (Allah will scold those who are wasting food)?

K : Kenapa Allah nak marah marah. Allah garang ke? (Why does he need to be mad. Is he fierce?)

Azim and I looked at each other. I can’t recall what Azim told her afterwards, but we were laughing so hard that night after putting her to sleep.

Azim : So, it’s actually started.

I giggled.



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