Hi Georgians!

I bumped into this while spring cleaning the store just now.

This is perhaps one of my favourite assignments because I was privileged to tour the school (which I always wanted to), and meet the HM (headmaster) in person at his residence. A very nice gentleman indeed. He showed me stacks of pictures of the school and former students, whom he fondly referred to as “my children”. I found it to be quite exhilarating, and sweet.

When I first called him to meet up for an interview, he was already friendly. I told him about how I wanted the story to be like, and he proposed me angles which I should take a look. At the end of the conversation, I just casually told him that my husband was a former student in the school. He insisted me to tell on what batch he was in, in case he remembers. I said he probably won’t, since it was years ago and he has too many students to remember.

He kept insisting, and I told him. His name is Azim.

“Azim Shah?” he asked, containing his laugh.

“Ermm, yes sir,” I said, almost unheard.

“Hahahahahahahaha of course I remember!” he gave me the biggest laugh ever. I found it funny.

He even unleashed tales of Azim’s ‘glory’ days, which I already expected. But I’ve been listening to the stories eversince I knew Azim, so everything was like scripted. Heh

We met at his house the day after. Yes, we chatted non-stop, had a good laugh, and of course I had to drag Azim along.

That was quite a reunion for the two. They hugged each other like the world is going to end soon.


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