Trust Me

So we can waste our lives drawing lines, or we can live our lives crossing them. I believe in the sanctity of trust. When trust is for the sake of Allah, it doesn’t die. There will come a time when we finally found someone we can talk to and share about everything, from the damage we’ve done and what’ve been done to us, the people who trampled on our souls, and those who helped us out along the way, and never once it casts a shadow of doubt. The feelings only grow stronger and you realise you are at the stage where nothing can break you. Not even a thing. and not even a word.

Husband and I have this habit of sharing everything and telling each other stories and secrets. It usually takes place during long distance driving, or when Khayra is sleeping or busy colouring (or ransacking her room). Sometimes we would laugh to each other because we are out of secrets to tell. So we would start reminiscing hilarious days when we first bumped into each other. It was so embarassing I swear if I could turn back time I would do it at all cost. Like seriously. Why did I ask for a guy’s phone number just because of some stupid faculty meetings? I could have asked someone else to do it? Duh.

And we always come to the conclusion that whatever happened, and whoever we came in contact with each other, or however things have changed over time, there are all Allah’s way of teaching us that life is about not getting what you want or plan.

But somehow, you’ll get through it. In better ways, definitely.


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