Review : Crayola Paint

I don’t mind splurging in Crayola products because they never disappoint me. I have been scouting for a washable paint for Khayra, and I bumped into this at Boarders the other day. Went straight to the counter and never thought twice. A happy me, and a RM79.90 poorer husband.


What I love about this paint is that it doesn’t drip easily from the brush. So, it is less messy, and most importantly non-toxic. Eversince Khayra recovered, we have been really cautious about the things she play, eat or touch. And the fact that it does not only wash easily from skin, but also fabric surfaces, and even carpets or furniture, I must say it was a great buy.

I used to buy some washable paints from other brands but I noticed that the colours blend even better with this one. Khayra painted away throughout the day, and I enjoy the fact that she could come and go without a lot of set-up or clean-up involved.

Maybe after she has run out of the colours, another visit to Boarders will follow.



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