My unborn child


I haven’t written for a newspaper for so long. Well, I mean for the local English daily since I have been writing everyday for Cardiff’s Jomec newspaper while we were in the UK.

So, my first cover story, and I pitched this. It’s my first health story in the Life and Times section, so I decided to talk about my unborn child. Although not literally, but she (her picture) made it to the paper. Can you see the ultrasound image? She was a sweetheart, wasn’t she. Head, hands and feet fully formed, but sadly, Allah decided to take her away so she would go straightaway to the heaven.

Hopefully I would be able to meet you someday. I am sorry I complained about the hideous morning sickness, and the fact that I still vomitted even after knowing that you were gone. If only I knew earlier that there is such thing as silent miscarriage.

It’s all in there. If you happen to buy NST on that particular day. I have the article in soft copy though. But funnily I forgot to buy the newspaper when it came out, so I only found out when my sister snapped it and put it up on her Instagram.

If mak is still here she would be the first to laminate it.


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