Sure He Knows


I have a bad habit of sulking when things didn’t go my way. By sulking I mean, I could really mantain a straight face sometimes for days just to show how rebellious I could be. And that was only for stupid mini fights, like when Azim didn’t agree with my choice of clothes, or when I just couldn’t stand him teasing me around. I know, the guy is trying to be funny but women get hormonal every month.

Azim has this skill of consoling me everytime, thank you Allah for that. Most of the time, he’ll just smile and make face when we have eye contacts, or he would cook my favourite dish and invite me to eat with that smirk face.

But my favourite part would be chocolates. I love to think that chocolates are therapeutic. It always works.

And with some cheesy note, it works wonder.

I hate to say this, but a husband always knows.


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