School Run, Not

I’ve been feeling a tad anxious about sending Khayra to pre-school. She is turning 4 next month, and I think is all prepared for school. She in fact had been asking for school, but there was financial constraint past few months so we asked her to wait. Azim and I had started scouting for school after we got back from UK. It was tough because Khayra can barely speak Malay at that time and she only picked up more vocabs in six weeks. After a few visits and asking around, we decided to enrol her into an Islamic pre-school near our house. Mainly because that was among a few schools which does not give out (excessive) homework 4-year-olds. It’s only walking distance and we both have always loved the idea of walking her to school, just like in Cardiff days.

Khayra was excited as always whenever we raised the topic of enrolling her, while I had been having a bout of anxieties if she would be having discomfort learning and catching up with other kids. I never liked competitions and I do hope that this school she is entering would not do that (comparing and achievement-oriented).

Khayra has been home-ed all this while, and we do have a proper timetable at home. But being at home, we tend to be flexible and that is not good for a home-based worker like me. I have tonnes of work coming everyday and deadlines to meet, and having to attend to plenty of emergencies for a four-year-old with that amount of work calls, is not as easy as I thought. Dump the idea of being a quintessential suburban mother, I have to be realistic, I thought. I need to give Khayra her own space to socialise and play, while I finish my jobs so we could have the nights together without having to pull each other’s hairs (and shouting). Most of the time, I would always promise Khayra to take her out during weekends if she behaves throughout the day, but it rang hollow eventually because I won’t be able to finish work on time!  

So, the first day at school started off well. The teacher texted me saying that Khayra cried at 9am during assembly and kept telling them that she wants to go home. The disadvantages of selecting a school within 100m radius from your home is your kid knows that it won’t take long to go back. But I was told that it only lasted for a few minutes. All in all, it was good. We took her to the mall for some ice-cream treat post-school as promised.


It tickled me that Khayra told us she performed Solat Dhuha in school and read the ‘Alif Ba Taa cards’ – she was probably referring to Qiraati classes. Husband and I laughed because we hardly performed Dhuha ourselves. “This is a sign. We need to perform Dhuha everyday or Khayra would scold us someday,” I told Azim and we laughed so more.

She also told us she wanted to go to the toilet to pee but held it because a boy before him constipated and the toilet was all dirty. I don’t know if she was telling the truth but she always does. Cries. “Next time, tell Ustazah that you want to pee but the toilet is dirty, okay” told her a few times so she won’t hurt herself anymore in the future. Blaming COD trait here.

Oh daughter. You are all grown up. I’m so gonna miss this moment.


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