There were a few things I discovered about myself post-miscarriaged. People say that confinement after one had a miscarriage is essential, and must be handled carefully. But being stubborn and laid-back, I shrugged it off. I only had proper rest for a week. I started lifting heaving things after day 14. I drank ice on day 12. And worse, I ran on day 3 just to get some water in the kitchen because I can’t stand delay to quench my thirst. Now, I don’t feel the same and I’m pretty sure elders would point out all the faults on me for (trying to be) being indifferent.

  1. I don’t feel energetic anymore. I have been having trouble waking up early in the morning, had to drag myself every time.
  2. I tend to be very sleepy during the day, especially in the evening. I haven’t slept in the day for years. I have been doing it now and I don’t feel good about it. It makes you tired and old.
  3. I don’t feel the urge to get out of the house and had to be forced by my husband every time. Even for a short trip to the post office. Husband has been doing it for me for the past two weeks. Bless him.
  4. I have big pimples coming out – a sure sign that my body needs utter detox!
  5. I am starting to lose my appetite – and that means having less interest to be in the kitchen or to try out new recipe.
  6. I can no longer spend more than 10 mins playing with my own daughter because I will end up restless and exhausted.
  7. I have writers’ block every time. I have a pile of articles for submission yet I am at a snail’s pace!

So, realising this, I have been venturing in some new habits and eating patterns. I am currently working from home, and I don’t want to earn less than I deserve because I am too busy entertaining my endless exhaustion. So;

  1. I have started to consume Jamu. I have never had an urge to pop in those pills or liquids because I thought that it would harm my internal organs in the  long run. I thought wrong. So, for the past few days, I have been splurging a lot on jamu, supplements and anything related to it. A lot of ‘kakaks’ online had to entertain my constant pestering on a product, and I will make sure I buy it after bugging them for three consecutive days.
  2. I have started drinking 3-5litre of water everyday.
  3. I am cutting my coffee intake. I still need caffein to stay up at nights finishing articles so there is no way to stop it. So, I’m trying to reduce it to one cup a day, or for every two days. And I drink a lot of water afterwards to ease the guilts.
  4. I am also splurging on the right beauty products. The good ones. I’ll make sure I studied every one if it beforehand. I don’t go for impulse buy as always.
  5. And I have stopped buying shawls I would never wear! I in fact have recently sold my old design of Bokitta for RM450 (for two pieces)! Didn’t know that it would be that pricey despite its age. Less is more. Time to let go what I should have gotten rid off many years ago.

So, this state of health I am at now explains why I am no longer updating what I have been doing lately. I need to get in shape again. Appreciate your advice! Buzz me at

And now while husband is at some meetings (busy man nowadays), I am waiting for four packs of Kangen Water to be delivered at my door. And I am considering Zumba. Perhaps when I have found my sneakers and jogger pants in that pile of hardly-worn clothes.

And, I need to take Khayra to the park every evening starting tomorrow. She has been complaining about the lack of evening outings these days, unlike during Cardiff days. Must change this.  


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