We are only a wardrobe away from a liveable home. Alhamdulillah. New home. New life.

Terribly missing Cardiff, but for now, this is home. Insyallah when we get the chances we will surely come back. Maybe when we both agree to the fact that burying our noses on the voluminous text books  is certainly not a bad idea at all. PhD is not in my mind right now, but if Allah wills and grants the path, I surely will take the call. But now, I love the fact that I can spend my free time reading non-academic texts. He he.

I have spent a week unpacking and decorating the house, especially Khayra’s room because we bought a lot of toys back in UK and Khayra needs a playroom so badly these days. Thank God we bought most of the stuff in UK since everything is incredible expensive here in Malaysia. I can only buy a few biscuit packs with RM50 note!

All in all, we did not regret the idea of coming back. Allah knows better.




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