Boiling Point

I am so mad at the fact that the Azim’s desktop, which he had lent for our shop use since we started operation, was intentionally left at the shop, and probably is at the rubbish site by now.

When Azim agreed to lend his desktop, which he stored almost everything, I assured him that the files would be alright given he made use of the privacy settings, while at the hand of a person who looked responsible and (supposedly) intelligent enough to understand the confidentiality of it. I was told that this person was so occupied to even think of saving this desktop which she used once. Probably I can tolerate about other things, but not this deliberate act.

Not only Azim’s files including his certs, formal confidential letters and other personal items are in there, but also an album of Khayra’s pictures from the day she was born. Then there are also pictures of my mother on last couple of months while she was fighting Cancer before her passing. They are fond memories. I almost cried at the fact that someone was too full of herself (even since forever) to even (rationally) think about keeping it, or at least leave a note since the desktop has served the shop too throughout its operation. Well, balk all you want about other things, but be rational, before calling someone else ‘crazy’.

I hardly express my anger towards someone, I in fact hardly get in a fight, but for this one time, I just feel that it was the most stupid relationship I have ever been with. I feel that it’s the most wasted experience I ever encounter. Not to mention to tolerate utter rudeness.

Stupid, it was, but it served me a great lesson. This kind of person, exists.

Things seem surreal when you don’t have to think about making peace with opportunists who will always look for faults. No matter what happen, they think winning is by shutting people out. This kind of people and their hankerings for attention, it’s sad. Lain kali jangan malas-malas.


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