So we had an uninvited guest this morning. I was cooking Nasi Lemak for our post-Car boot picnic session when this friendly creature decided to pop in. Look who had the most fun! 

  We hardly see cats here, so when we do, we won’t let go. Khayra has claimed that she is hers, but at the end of the day, I need to let her know that some things are not meant to be ours no matter how much we wanted them.

“Kitty needs to poo poo so she has to go home!”, I said, and it was reassuring enough for her I guess.

From this morning, after the cat left, Khayra will sit by the window in the pretext of hoping it will come back.

“Kitty must have lost,” she said.

“She must be really tired. Maybe she’ll drop by again tomorrow. Shall we close the window now?” I said.

“Alright..”, her tone was devoid of warmth.

I hope the cat will come visit again later today. I hope she’ll just stay here as long as she can and be Khayra’s friend.

Whoever owns this cat, I would like to have it please. Yes and thats a wishful thinking.


One thought on “Guest

  1. Alololo….kesian dia kitty dah balik rumah ye…xpe…nnt kitty singgah lagi ye….Khayra pandai layan kucing…..hehehe….


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