Playing truant

Someone skipped playgroup today because papa is still unwell. I need to make sure Khayra is occupied, despite the stacks of paper waiting to be analysed. It was my cheat day. No writing today but good fun. So, this is how our Monday morning went.



  And a few other activities which were impossible for me to whip my phone in the middle. First rule in homeschooling is never attempt to look at your phone in between. It’s disrespectful for the kids.

I looked at the phone while waiting for our muffin to cook. It’s only 3pm and the kid was still full of energy. I was absolutely drained since I completed all house errands in between. Kitchen, laundry and spring cleaning – all tadks completed. This makes me wondering if I should take up more vitamins and eat more healthy food to stay fit.

On another note, I made Nasi Lemak for breakfast this morning. Talking about staying fit, huh? Right on the spot.

What do you, mothers do to stay fit?


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