My princess

Dear Khayra,

I hope you will read this someday. I notice you have this fascination over Princess and Fairies lately. I won’t question it. I won’t judge your choice . I know it’s just a little girl wanting to be beautiful, respected and loved. It tickles me when you wave the magic wand and ask for a miracle to happen. Your faith that miracles do happen at this state is beyond words. You love to be dressed up. I’m not much of a make-up person, so it makes me laugh when you know more of it than I do. Still, never once I judged you.

I know you look up to princesses as those who look after themselves, maintain certain decorum and always be there to help others in need. I know you always love how princesses take care of themselves, and the fact that they would strive for perfection.

But sweetheart, perfection belong to the Allah Al-Mighty. No matter how much efforts we put to be perfect, at the end of the day, we are human with flaws. But someday you would notice that those flaws build you, they humble you, and they make you a better person.

Imperfection is totally fine.

As you grow up, you’ll learn that the world is just a place where we stop by to collect as many deeds to our pahala inventory. Remember how many times I explained to you about pahala and you looked at me as if I was talking in French? How we get rewarded because we do good deeds to others? Even you are too small to understand every single thing, I believe that planting a seed first is essential to watch you grow someday. I hope there would come a day that you’ll be surprised looking at your pahala inventory because you are so used to do good without thinking of the rewards. You’ll be blessed. Insyallah.

I know there will come a day you’ll realise that being a princess is never about the amount of dresses you get to wear, and the number of tiara you get to don, and the number of people who will love you.

Instead, you will wear your deen as a crown on your head. You will hold dunya in your hands. Whenever things don’t go right and you wish for miracles, you’d wave your hands, and look up to the one and only, for He would be the one capable of miracles.

I come across this beautiful saying, that whenever your crown of deen moves out of place, empty your hands of the Dunya to fix it.

Even if one day you’ll have so many things on your plates, remember the princess in you.

Remember to keep your crown of deen intact.




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