Boat Ride

The fun thing about your child when he or she grows up is the surprised requests we get along the way. For the past few weeks, Khayra has been asking us to take her for a boat ride. I discussed this with the husband with both of us scratching our heads.

“Where could we get a boat in this weather?” asked Azim.

“I wish I can take her but we have a few submission more. Should we wait?” I told him.

One day, during our weekly evening routine at Roath Park, Azim showed me a sign which says “boat for rent”. “Shall we surprise her?” he asked. I nodded with a big smile.

So we had most fun that day. Khayra was the happiest of course, that she even refused to be held. I was nervous all the time because of the thoughts that she might fall anytime.

“Come on, Khayra! Hold hoovies!” I cried. She didn’t even budge.

And for the past few days, she’s been asking for a bus ride. Sometimes she’ll remind me twice in an hour.

Here we go again.


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