Playskool Clippo Bucket

I love products from Playskool, mostly because they are fun yet educational, not the ones which produce unnecessary sounds that can only drive the husband and I crazy. They are indeed very stimulative, albeit a bit costly (at least for us). So, whenever we come across Playskool toys in boot sales, you can guess what we’d do. Run and grab them first before anybody else lays their hands on them. I swear I can be very ecstatic sometimes that the sellers won’t be bothered giving me lower price no matter how pushy I could be when it comes to bargaining stuff. Just because they know at the end of the day, I’d buy them. 1 for the seller. 0 for me.

I got this clippo bucket for only 1.5 or 2 quid (can’t remember exactly because it was months ago), and the best thing is, they are brand new. They can cost up to 14quid at the mall. I took out the chunky bricks and counted them before I made a bargain, just to make sure everything was in there. And they were. Missing even a single piece in toys like that is a pet peeve.

Yes, those are happy faces when she realise that connecting those bricks is actually quite found. This was last night, after we finished with our usual bubble bath in the tub. Khayra once told me that she had enough with the bricks. “Boring, Mama”. I realised that the bricks actually do not clip together, making it difficult to make much. It’s good for little fingers but I guess Khayra has outgrown it. They can only make her happy for a few minutes, and then she would walk away with her baby doll and make meals with her pretend kitchen utensils, like nobody’s business.

Probably it’s time to invest for real megablocks, the one she told me once to buy for her. Since the husband and I have been living below the line for the past few weeks (we need to save up for Easter break trip!), I would constantly tell her that we’ll get one when we bump into it in Bessemer boot sale.

We haven’t found one in our three consecutive trips there. And even if we do, it’s going to be pricey too. I would never go for stuff above 3quid. Not at the moment. Alhamdulillah, Khayra understands the rule. She does understand things we can’t afford, and things we won’t splurge in even if we can afford. General rule is, you have to bear with the stomping, which will only last longer if you don’t master the art of ignoring. The husband and I made a point to keep a reminder at all time. When she gets over the phase, everything has been easy, for the both of us.


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