Family over Money

Family over Money. The worst type of family squabble there is.

I remember writing this last two years. It’s sad that my surrounding community is still trapped with this kind of argument and thoughts.

I remember mak telling us weeks prior to her death, that no matter what happened, her girls would not get into any arguments over money she left. cause one will never be wealthy until he or she gets something they can’t buy – and that is family love. She jokingly said that she’s glad she’s not rich that we would not have a property (or bank accounts) we would fight over, but only some pension money which is now being used to pay off all her loans she had applied to support us seven siblings back in schools and uni. I just laughed and told her that everything would be okay and she would recover fast to hold her grandchildren in her arms. My siblings and I were in denial the whole time. But after some time, I gradually understand what she was getting us into.

Money can’t buy love.



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