The aftermath

I have not delayed coffee for the past few weeks. I was not an avid fan of Coffee. But the coffee is always the first gone every time I try to stay awake in between meal times and midnight tv session with the husband. Yes, I don’t skip the latter either.


So that was breakfast. I guess that’s the fastest and easiest that I could get to the menu when we are racing against time. It helps that those Creamy Carbonara with Pancetta wins the heart of the family too. Azim and Khayra both love it, despite the fact that mama has always been semi-contemplating between calling the pizza guy or spending a minute or two to get this on the table. One of many days when I feel like I won’t make a good full-time housewife.

This also means that Khayra’s home-ed schedule got knocked sideways a bit. Every day has always been eventful. It makes me all grateful for the luxury of time and the obvious fact that it sails fast. Azim gets to spend most of his time with Khayra, and they did wonderful things together. Azim will usually update me with pictures of Khayra doing all kinds of things (to me it’s more like ransacking the house) and then a number of pix of both of them taking selfie (or wefie) together will follow.

Last night when I was sitting at the table with Khayra, attending to her drawing session when she showed me this picture.


“Wow, who is this Khayra?” I asked, pointing to the bigger person in the picture.

“That’s Mama”. She said, grinning.

“Then who are these two?” I asked.

“That’s Khayra and Papa, holding hands. Look. Papa, Khayra, and Mama!”

Last week she drew a picture of us three holding hands and why now suddenly I am out of the picture? (-__-)

I can’t explain Azim’s satisfied look at the moment. The kind of look that whispers “Our daughter chose me over you. I’m the best.”

But when looking at these pictures (taken by Azim when I was at class), probably he deserves all the attention.

This inflatable sleeping bag has been with me the whole time but I did not manage to blow it up. Azim did that, and Khayra thinks he is the hero. Look at the content smile on her face. Azim said she asked him to take a few pix of her in the sleeping bag.

Pix no 1 : Pretending to sleep. Pix no 2 : Good Morning! I just woke up, Papa!

IMG_2835 IMG_2834

Time flies. How fast do you grow.


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