Solah first

The husband has been encouraging me to attend a special class for women, conducted by Sheikh Zane Abdo in Dock Mosque every Monday. I hesitated at first, since my Mondays are quite packed, with 9-6 roster and the need to rush to go home before hurrying myself to the mosque. The class starts at 7pm (after Isya’) and I would not even have time to have dinner before the class starts.

“If you manage to sacrifice your time for this, Insyallah Allah will grant you more in the future. Don’t you want to be a better mother?”

And it strikes me when he finished the last sentence. Subhanallah. Have I been too occupied with the world that I can’t manage to spare some time out of my busy schedule for Allah.

“Be mindful of Allah. Allah will be mindful of you” #notetoself

The class entitled ‘Educating Children’, based on a poem called ‘Riyadatul Sibyan’ by the great scholar Imam Muhammed bin Ahmed Al Ramli. Among topics to be covered are early years, living simply, keeping the mind busy, need for gentleness and being role models to the children.

I attended the first class, and have never missed it ever since.

A child is a trust, and just when we thought we have taught them everything they ought to know, we are always one step behind.

For the past few weeks, we have been taught about the responsibility towards parents to the children.

Among points which I managed to jot down are :


1) Choosing the right name  2) Choosing the right mother  3) Providing Islamic Education

Have we managed to fulfil all three? If we think we haven’t, worry not, there is always a room for improvement.

Before going to bed, I will always share with the husband on what we have been learning in the class. We will talk, discuss, and have a heart-to-heart conversation on our personal thoughts. The conversation will run for a few minutes, and sometimes for an hour, and before we knew it, we are already falling asleep in each other’s arms. It’s quite a challenging task to raise a daughter, and Azim is in my school of thoughts of this. Khayra is barely three-year-old, and we are still attending to her ‘terrible two’ stage (which I will blog later) that sometimes we tend to forget that further challenges are ahead. Azim has always told me that he wants our daughters to grow up loving hijab, and understand the beauty of hijab instead of donning it for the sake of the culture.

He expects me to set up a good example first. And by doing that, I need to choose the right clothes to match with my hijab. I should lower my hijab. And above all, I should never let Khayra thinks that hijab is a hassle.

“Mama, take your tudung. Hurry up.” — this is her usual instruction to me whenever she wants to have a walk outside.

When a woman knows the need to cover up, they will not have the hearts to expose their aurah. But getting a woman to understand that they need to cover up because Allah has written it that way, is something that needs to be taught from home.


It’s not that we are Islamically-savvy, but I do think that some women who have doubts in donning Hijab (and Istiqamah with it) are just a confused lot. We are facing a lot these days, and the social stigma is something that has been a barrier. I have a lot of friends who do not wear Hijab yet, but their hearts are so beautiful, Masyallah. I just pray that someday, they will wake up and found themselves prettier with Hijab on. And the rest of it will follow.

Sheikh Zane told us that to pursue the aforementioned, we need to go to basics.

Teach the children the beauty of Solah. And if they have mastered the five prayers, teach them the beauty to perform Solah on time.

And again, Allah’s help is near. If we take a step towards Allah, He will take us million steps ahead before we realised it.

Masyallah, Islam is so beautiful. The sad truth is some people are bound with their cultures that they make Islam looks so hard in the eyes of the Muslims themselves.

All in all, preserve your Solah first. Insyallah, good things will follow.


Thank you husband, for taking my hands and walk aside me through the journey of betterment.

Insyallah, we’ll do just fine. And we’ll do better.

We’ll be better parents, and better Muslims, Insyallah.

*To more years of love, friendship, jamaah and offspring*


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