Random Kindness


Never underestimate an act of kindness, no matter how small it is.

Khayra got this little Mcstuffin toy for free last Saturday, given by a Welsh man at the Bessemer boot sale. She was not really happy about it, because obviously Mcstuffin was undressed. “I don’t like it”. Those were the laments of a three-year-old. Thank God she didn’t say it on his face, but I was mad. Since scolding a child was a little less exhilarating for me than touring the boot sale at the moment, I waited until we got home to tell her that she was wrong.

I need to tell her that, and make her realise that being ungrateful is not a practice in the family. She’s not too small too understand. I was too lenient to teach the right thing at the right age if I didn’t do it.

So, when we got home, and after she had her nap and milk fix, I approached her and showed her the toy.

“Oh Mcstuffin! Thank You Mom! Siapa beli ni?”

“I thought you said you didn’t like it?” I asked.

I know it’s not a good move to respond to a question with a question. But I couldn’t help to be sarcastic. Even with a three-year-old. Silly me.

She hesitated, and asked me where Mcstuffin’s white coat is. I told her that we can always make one. It’s a gift. She should be thankful. If somebody gives you something, you should be thankful and say thank you. And the conversation ran for 10 mins or less.

You can’t spend more than that for children that age. Even if you have to ignore them for their wrongdoing, you don’t exceed the 2-minute rule. That’s proper parenting. And that’s Islam, Masyallah.

“Alright, Mom” *chin down*

She calls me Mama, but whenever she switches to English, she’ll instantly call me Mom. Funny kid. It tickles me to see my toddler is a bilingual. She tries hard to speak and understand Malay and English all at the same time. I never push her, but try to not mix up the use of the language, so she won’t get confused.

I have seen a lot of random acts of kindness around me these days, and sometimes it could easily break me into tears. Whenever we were just exhausted and hungry after class, and were about to drag out feet to the kitchen, the phone rang and there was always someone inviting us over for dinner. Whenever we have to make a toss between sending Khayra to the nursery (which is quite astronomical at the moment) and either one of us has to give up a class, someone would offer to babysit for free. And many more, Subhanallah.

For the past few days, I had some online shopping spree, and I met this wonderful woman. She is a nice lass, we had a few chats and she even sent me pictures and videos related to the recent passing of Tok Guru Nik Aziz. Ya Allah, she is amazing for a stranger, and I kept telling her that she looked familiar. Probably my good memory span was not being put to good use at that moment, but she is familiar. The sticking point here is how a stranger can make you feel at ease. How many times do you meet a stranger and you start talking about life with him or her. And how many times does the stranger come across your mind in your prayers, and you just hope that he or she will do great and be blessed with good life no matter what. That’s the power of kindness. It’s good to see that kind people are everywhere. Sometimes, we just need to open our eyes and minds, and do not let the past dictate your thoughts.

I pray for only the best for you, dear stranger. Insyallah, things will always be brighter at your end. Insyallah, Allah will take care of you and safeguard your heart no matter where you reside.

Semoga kita semua menjadi insan berjiwa.

Life is short, really. Cherish your present. And be nice.


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