I have so many things to do yet so little time. I only turn to blog-writing whenever I feel like I have done being drunk on academic writing. It’s a good break. Writing your thoughts down enables you to take charge of your inner peace. I prefer rambling on papers instead of whining in the company of the human race. Eventhough some people claim they understand our exhaustion as significant as it can be, at the end of the day, we have to bear in mind that people do judgement.

Either it’s bad or not, I do not like being judged when I was at my low point.

When you go online, the best thing to do to stop nonsense is to ignore them and not give them further credence and notoriety. You don’t share useless stuff. You don’t share inflammatory posts or visuals. You stay away from them. This applies in the reality we live in.

I have got a consent from my supervisor and course director to change the topic of my dissertation. Despite having finished the proposal and theoretical framework for the old topic, I do believe that this change can do me good. I didn’t enjoy my initial topic, because I just can’t stand watching people’s head being cut off. So, I turned to a lighter topic, which is the Homebirth. In case you are doing similar research or have a vast interest on the topic, you could give me a heads up. We can exchange views, journals, books and contacts. Insyallah.

Since we have additional two course modules in this semester, I have more assignments in tow, waiting to be finished on time while juggling with Khayra’s hankering for attention. I might fall flat on my face and end up failing each subject, IF I DIDN’T manage my time well. So, time management is the most essential part in my life right now. It’s about looking for the balance in dedicating my time with the family, and the stacks of papers to be read and analysed. My newly-bought notebook is already teeming with hurried writing of mine, which sometimes took me myself minutes to comprehend.

All in all, I must say I will be missing these moments. I won’t be able to start reading again if I didn’t return to university life. It is easy to blame motherhood for your lack of reading, but at the end of the day, we don’t read because we don’t make efforts to do it. Reading should be something we do out of habit. It should be something I DO OUT OF MY HABIT.

So now, since I have vented out a bit, I should return to my notes and resume writing again.

Khayra has hit the sack, and I hope she’ll sleep throughout the night cause I have several stories to be sent by morning.

Good luck to me!



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