Faces of Jannah, if Allah wills.


One thing that I will never regret in my life, is marrying a man who never once let me down, and giving birth to a girl who teaches me so much about life. When you get married, you learn the value of responsibility. Once you have a child, you learn that life is much more than achievement, but, a journey of betterment.

The better you are everyday, the more you fulfil your rights as His servant. and the happier you are.

I admit that things are not always according to plans. Sometimes, you stumble, and there are times you just forget, but no matter how many times I might have deviated from the right path, I hope I’ll get there.

I hope, someday, we both will get there.

When my husband and I met each other, either one of us thought that we would end up marrying each other without declaring our status. Not that both of us were Islamically-savvy, but we decided to preserve our relationship and set a barrier, until the day we tied the knot. He took care of me, he sang me songs, gave me gifts and flowers, and made friends with my family members and best friends, but never once he said those three words. It felt weird.

But above all, it just felt right.

How did I fall in love with this guy? He looked so cold at the outside, yet he was beyond words in the inside. Masyallah, I never felt this blessed. I was a broken woman. He was a fragile man. Our relationship was symbiotic. We were different, yet we complemented each other. We still, are.

I guess the most important thing about marriage is not striving for perfection, but, learning to accept each other’s flaws. Before we got married I have promised myself to never look behind and take life as it is. No matter what happened in the past, we are each a changed man, and we would never trade our happiness for a thing in the past.

Alhamdulillah, we did it..

Azim used to say that he couldn’t give any answers of why he chose to marry me. He didn’t know for sure. He said he just had a feeling that I was the one. That’s all. Despite series of pestering from me, he just won’t say a word.

Well, it doesn’t matter anymore. Maybe we were just meant for each other.

I chose him because I could see sincerity in his eyes. I could see his vision. I could see how he wanted to be a better man, and a better servant of Allah. And I could vision him to be the husband of my children. So, I asked Allah for guidance.

And I’ve been seeing him ever since in my dreams. So I thought he should be the one.

Maybe that’s how Allah works things out for broken souls. We found each other by picking up the pieces while keeping our faith (and heads) together. Insyallah no matter what happens, we’ll remember what put us together at the first place.

I guess years of marriage makes one a matured person. We don’t get angry or argue for petty things. Most of the time, we just laugh at our own stupid mistakes. We get better in teaching the kid and answering to her random questions. We get better in our affairs to Allah. Most importantly, we learn that there is a special thing between us that makes us fall for each other all over again.

Despite how bad our morning breathe and how awful we look when we sleep, we still love endlessly.

Subhanallah. It’s the power of marriage. Thank you Allah.



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