More Indoors

Ominous, steely clouds have been hovering above Cardiff for the past few weeks. We have sunshine and sleet once in a while taking turns in a day. But the rain has been showing no sign of relenting past few days, and every time I go out even on a short journey to the groceries nearby, I could only feel signs of flu seeping into my bones. That means more indoors until we really see the sun.

The cold weather can be really dreadful, especially when your alarm had failed to go off and you ended up oversleeping, with a litany list of things you have arranged to work for the night before. This is bad. I don’t like Winter because it makes me an unproductive lass. Lazy days are the last things that I want popping in right now.

On a brighter note, we have been doing some reading together, and I could see some progress with my daughter as she is more likely to stay focused, rather than hopping from one book to another. Since she have been repeating the same book, I think the time is ripe to invest on another collection. The luxury in buying things we need rather than those we want is we don’t tend to overspend. And Khayra gets to finish off her books once at a time.


I actually miss taking her to playgrounds and touring the neighbourhood jacket-less. We both miss the sun.


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