Beautiful Mess

I don’t always smile at the mess my daughter produces post-playing session, but I do enjoy seeing her enjoying her work immensely. I hope Allah the Almighty will be giving me endless strength to keep smiling at them, no matter how fatigued I am during the day.

I have noticed that among many activities, play dough does tickle her creative nodes most, and with that come waves and waves of self-confidence. If not sitting together at the table, I will sit at the couch which normally turned into a restaurant table top for her to bring me dough food she made. She started off with common pancakes to doughnuts and waffles. And now she is making me burgers and cupcakes! Of course, I don’t enjoy the sand dough because they are hard to pick up and thus I need to carry around a hoover with me while spring cleaning.


Letting her go all out in any activities is something I wish she’d understand that her creativity is welcomed in the house, and of course they are not just clutter which a mother would relegate to the back room to be kept out of sight. Well, I am talking after putting aside my depiction of misery here of having to ensure we see more of the floors rather than colourful objects scattering like nobody’s business. If you have an OCD husband who sleeps better at nights over  a clean house, you will feel me.

Khayra has also been rotating her artistic modes too. Today, we had hours of drawing (scribbling to be exact) session. So, apparently, these two are a version of cats from a 2 years and 8 months old toddler. Check out the fine motor skills. Not bad, except for untrained eyes. I could see the moustache, and this is one of those I managed to stash away into her pink file. At the end of the day, she’d cut all her work and crumple them into tiny bits, while calling them stars. I wish I have taken pictures of all, especially her drawings of spider, which is the best drawing of the day. Of course I didn’t tell her cause I am not supposed to judge.


There will not be a day passes without an activity that involves scribbling mayhem. I am quite relieved that Khayra has passed that wall-scribbling stage, because if she has not, that would be dreadful, more so to the landlord. I bought this preloved  stand for two quid, which used to have magnet toys attached to it that will slip down once you pull the side handle. Khayra doesn’t seem to enjoy it anymore. So I turned it into her drawing board.



Another hacks for frugality which will bring smiles to the husband and our toy fund!


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