Lessons From Elsa

Who knows an Elsa can generate endless conversation between my daughter and I. There are lots of lessons which can be derived from a puppet show. We have our occasional Puppet Show time and that is when soft toys come to a good use.

Khayra : Look, Elsa wearing lipsticks! *pointing to Elsa’s red lips.

Me : Yes, Isn’t she pretty!

Khayra : I want lipsticks, Mama. Nak pakai?  Translation: “I want to put it on too”

Me : You don’t need lipsticks. Your lips is already pretty.

Khayra : But Elsa has lipsticks. *sulking

Me: She’s an adult so I guess she’s allowed to.

Khayra : Look, Elsa wearing gloves!

Me: It’s cold. She needs gloves to keep her hands warm.

Cheery : Mama, where’s my gloves?

Me: It’s in the drawer. We don’t need them now. We’ll put it on when we go out okay.

Khayra : Mama, where’s Anna?

Me : Anna goes to school. Don’t you want to go to school too?

Khayra : Yes! Mama pun school ke? Translation “Do you go to school too?”

Me: Yes, Mama and Papa both go to school. After this you will go to your school and we will go to our school, okay?

Khayra : Hoo-ray! Mama, is it snow outside?

Me: No, it’s not.

Khayra : Why?

Me : Because snow doesn’t fall everyday. It was snowing yesterday. Now the sun is out.

Khayra : Why?

Me: Because when the sun’s out, the snow will melt. Just like your lollies when you left them outside.

Khayra; Why?

Me: That’s heat. Remember Olaf melted when he’s next to firewoods?

Khayra : Why?

Me : Khayra, lapar tak? Jom turun bawah, Mama will make you some pancakes. (Translation : Are you hungry? Let’s go downstairs.)

Khayra : Yay! O-tay Mama! (Read : Okay)

This ‘WHYs’ phase is really a challenging one. Especially when you’re running out of time with breakfast preparation and laundry time. There are days when you turn into a lousy mother over domestic chores. Don’t bluff.



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