Happy thoughts

This should be it, since I am starting to work on my projects again after leaving them defunct for weeks. Despite sipping on mugs of coffee to stay awake, I have turned to something even more healthier and faster to make. And it’s free -flow in the house.


Getting myself to consistently drink 8 glasses of plain water everyday is like performing a root canal to yourself. After reading various articles and listening to so many tales of healthy eating which starts out as simple as drinking more water, I can only stand for a week or two the longest.

“You know water is ubiquitous among beautiful and smarter people, so drink more! What is so hard about it?,” Azim asked whenever he caught me with my Mocha. What a way to get me drinking.

Khayra is a big fan of plain water, so as half of her support system, I should set a good example.

You can see a glass of plain water near my stacks of project papers and books from now on. I will not instantly give up on Coffee though. It’s going to be downright painful to face deadlines without a sip of coffee. That is just plain mean.

On another note, Azim has been doing the cooking lately as I am still recuperating from a very bad flu and cough. So, I have the privilege of reading my favourite book in the longue while smelling something good coming out from the kitchen.

And stuffing myself with good food later, of course.


While my short-term objectives starting today are to meet deadlines for some assignments, as well as to finish off a few articles to be sent for an online portal, ground rules in the house is this laptop is Mama’s and no one is allowed to touch it. Not even in the cases of emergencies, and trust me there are plenty of emergencies when it comes to a short-tempered two year old.


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