Thanks to my infatuation with Car Boot Sale items, Khayra does have a complete set of kitchen utensils and pretend stove! Everything was below 3 quid for each set. Hacks for frugality for a growing family.


Khayra will only be 3 in three months time, and up until now, she is being home-ed. I did not have a proper guide when it comes to homeschooling her and she did not have a proper roster for now. It is a bit overzealous to dictate a 2-year-old’s life, and thus I just let her play around whenever she likes as long as she gets something out of it.

I thought I have successfully banned iPad and such devices, which I have not, and realising that it needs to be made in stages, the only way to distract her from that is by busying herself with toys and fun activities.

The essential thing when you home-ed a toddler is, the mother needs to be present. There are ample lessons that can be derived from each toy or activity. Lessons of colours, shapes, sizes, functions, as well as a sense of responsibility. In the latter’s case, it’s about tidying up afterwards. Khayra has issues with it. I know I have to be firmer next time because I have been completing her halfway tidying up task all this while. There is something with a toddler that you sometimes can’t resist.

One of the mistakes that parents commit to is buying their kids all sorts of toys, but never once they make an effort to be in the game. Put down your phone, turn off the TV, and participate! It’s fun, really. This is a stage where the kids would let you in their world. If you think you have problems understanding your kids, or the kids might have problem expressing themselves with you, probably you have not been participating enough.

I did not buy everything ready-made for Khayra. I just can’t afford them, and to be honest, I am afraid that by giving her everything she wants, perhaps one day she wouldn’t know what she actually needs. So, I let her play with cardboards, boxes, and plastic bottles once in a while. Surprisingly, she has become increasingly more imaginative with these items, turning boxes into serving table, bottles into telescope, and cardboards into a wagon.  While I agree that a proper kitchen set gives her a license to mix up all kinds of imaginary concoctions, I do believe that random items can help her to be a more creative and confident explorer.


I also notice she is into arts. She loves painting, drawing and colouring so much. I have to spend more time with her in these area. On normal days, I drew lots of animals and people with her. On busy days, especially when I was packed with classes, I normally let her colour on her own. She has several colouring books in store for that.

For the past few days, I have started her with Do-It-Yourselves projects, and our first project was to make her own customised colour-pencils holder from a coffee horizontal box. Among all things, I note that she loved it so much when it comes to cutting and pasting. She has a special scissor, which sadly doesn’t really do wonder in cutting. I am not sure when should I let her use the real scissor though. Maybe it’s too early.


I only let her use the real scissor under my supervision. I swear I was too protective that sometimes she started to make faces whenever I went ‘Be Careful!’


Happy face. Whenever she is occupied with fun activities during the day, I notice she would also sleep better at nights!

I salute home-edder(s) who have been doing this full time, more so of those with more children. How do they juggle everything into a balance while batting tired eyelids? I seriously have utmost admiration for them.


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