Chocolate Tales

Despite my #eatclean challenge and sickness of late, I always succumb to this.


Who on earth won’t?

My husband has been the loudest voice against my addiction to anything sugary. I gave up Macaroons for so long, but I did beg him once in a while to have a bite. But then he would come out with all degrees of leg-cutting tales which on rare occasions will make me change my mind instantly. Sometimes, I just sneaked in some snickers and ate them in between lunch, and then I felt guilty because I didn’t drink much water to juggle the sugar intake into a balance.

But this one time, he listened to my whine and cries and bought me this!

I have been staying indoors for the past few days due to flu and chesty cough. One thing that people kept telling me whenever I was down in flu was to keep myself warm. It’s a tad difficult to do so here since it’s Winter and the temperature kept dropping especially at nights. I have had trouble sleeping and I have been hormonal too.

I thought a bite of chocolates would make me feel better. For the record, they have made it worse for me.

The mucus and level of blockage in my nose are getting from bad to worse. Oh dear.


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