Eat Clean

In my efforts to eat clean, I have been studying and exploring all kinds of veggies to be included in the family’s meal. Amongst all veggies, I truly love this one. Pak Choi is surprisingly delicious when dipped with a mixture of oyster sauce, flour and a bit of creme. That’s how I normally cook them. And gladly the husband likes it despite the thickness of the gravy.


My long-term goal for this Winter break is stuffing Khayra with veggies. She used to love them when she was much younger, but as she grows up, she’d say no to a sight of them. She even took her own sweet time to separate them from rice, taking her much longer time at the dinner table than the rest of us. She did it without a twinge of guilt, despite the amount of time I spent in cooking the vegetables so that she could eat it too (no chillies and all). Oh kid, you are still loveable even though it was downright wrong to hurt a mother like that.

I have always been a fan of fruits, so I have no problem consuming them on a daily basis. They are practically my snacks. I am somewhat grateful that Khayra inherits that and she loves fruits so much. She normally hesitates rice and other carbs, so I just make sure she has enough nutrients coming from fruits.

This is how her lunch would normally look like.


Slices of Bananas and home-made orange popsicle! Excuse the popsicle cause we got the whole set for just a quid or two on boxing day during our recent trip to Cheshire Oak. Something that keeps her happy and eases her sore throat as we speak.


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