The best part of the day, is when we manage to put everything aside and pick our own genre of book to read. We might choose different materials but we work on one thing in common – extracting life from the written texts (read : reading).

I have trained Khayra to appreciate books early so that she will learn to find solace from reading whenever trouble strikes. So that as she grows up she will tackle problems by looking at the solutions from many verses of books and printed materials available.

Iqra’. The very first command which Allah gave to beloved Muhammad saw.

Most importantly, so she will always find answers from Al-Quran and the hadith. And so she will always lay her eyes on them for solace.

And so she will always remind us that, in case we turn to be grumpy old whiners when we were older (hope not).

Although it may only last for a few minutes then it’s okay. It’s not the hours you put in your work that counts, but it’s the work you put in the hours. My best record so far was 15 mins. Khayra is fast thirsty after reading (talking to) one book and another out loud.

Among my fond memories with my late mother is her relationship with books. We spent a lot of time in the state libraries when we were little, and mak spent a lot of money paying the state government unreturned and damaged books.

Call it throwing the books at the bookworms. 😁


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