1. Never both be angry at the same time

2. Never yell at each other unless the house is on fire

3. If one of you has to win an argument, let it be your mate.

4. If you have to criticise, do it lovingly.

5. Never bring up mistakes of the past. NO MATTER WHAT.

6. Neglect the whole world rather than each other.

7. Never call each other names. For it creates only bad thoughts.

8. Surprise each other with gifts. They don’t need to cost your whole savings but it would work in bringing smiles to your spouses.

9. Don’t skip morning kisses. It works wonder throughout the day.

10. Try to find at least once a day to pray together, no matter how busy you are.

Insyaallah. Love you to the moon and back, even you don’t buy me macaroons anymore (and force me to drink plain water until I can’t live without it now)

Husbands, are like that.  x0x0x0


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