Real chat, is ON

Khayra has mastered the art of chats for the past few weeks. What I meant by chatting is real two-way communication which lasts for a wonderful five minutes. Previously she would just entertain our first three questions and do her own thing (playing and touring the house), which is kind of sad, cause we actually expect more from a 21 month old toddler. ambitious parents we are.

So some chats will go like this:

Situation 1:Me: Khayra, where’s your hair clip?

Khayra: Haa? *with poised look (new trademark)

Me: Sepit rambut Khayra mana?

Khayra: Oooo. hilammm. anee? anee sepit? (Hilang. Mane? Mane sepit)

Me: Asyik hilang je. Ok now cari. Cepat cari. We’re late!

Khayra: Alaaaaaaa (shrugging her shoulder and slowly bent to look around)

Situation 2:

Me: Khayra, nak ape? (while seeing her strolling in the kitchen)

Khayra: Ma, nak aciik. Lapaaar (Nak nasi, lapar)

Me: Ok. Jap.

Khayra: Mama acak nasi. Yes! (Mama masak nasi. Yes!)

Me: (-_-) jom siap. kite pergi makan kat luar.

**hee hee. working moms, are like that.


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