if everything was easy, then nothing would be worth it.

this man has sacrificed a lot of things for a woman he barely knew, whom he took to be his lifetime soulmate, and a mother to his children.

sometimes, i forget how much he is worth. sigh.

love you husband, for smiling to me and cracking the most ridiculous jokes first thing waking up in every morning, without fail, cause you know that’s how you start my mood of the day. a slight laugh and a pinch to the cheek. you always have a way to make me burst out laughing, though sometimes it annoys me cause I don’t like to be seen laughing my heart out in public.

and you are mean like that.

thank you husband, for reaching to my hands while i’ve been depressed for the past few days. thank you for allowing me to get up from the bed and do house chores at 3am in the morning cause you know that will help me to destress and find my soul again.

thank you for loving me when i was not loveable at all at some times of the day.

and thank you, for always feeding me cause i seem to find no time to cook at all of late due to the stress, and piles of work.

you’re the greatest man i have wished for.

terima kasih, kerana sentiasa merasa cukup atas ketidaksempurnaan ini.


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