feeding time. since khayra loves to eat on her own now, i have an extra errand to do now. messy but it’s worth the time. nothing beats the feeling after seeing your child finished eating whatever food on the plate. it’s a beautiful thing.

dear khayra, hope you’ll like my cook and have papa’s skills of cooking to join me in the kitchen soon. mama is not an expert but a woman who believed that practice makes perfect. and i only have one mission – to beat papa the masterchef and impress him with plenty of healthy food recipe.

almost everyone can cook but not many can cook healthy food.

cooking is not a responsibility entitled to women, but it’s an art. a skill, and a hobby regardless of one gender. even if i have sons one day i would familiarize them with the kitchen. just like hubs, i salute men who can cook for the family and yet never belittle other women who do not master the art. the best family ever are those who help each other in the kitchen and never get tired of pleasing others through food.

and keyword is healthy food. i don’t want to kill my loved ones with everyday’s obsession of yummy food alone. many people tend to ignore this fact.

and this explains why eventhough i am quite a master in masak lemak cili api thingy, i have never cook one for my husband. until now.



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