Self Reflection

How do you balance your rights to privacy with other people’s overpowering urge to stay connected with your personal life?

I received a long text message from a dear friend today, asking on why she was deleted on my FB account, while relating it to some occasions which I myself have swept under the rug for a very long time.

This is disappointing, on my end, cause I will never be able to stick to my gun about keeping my distance with some matters that will only stretch my tolerance towards many priorities and responsibilities in life which I should focus on. It’s tiring to be the person who has to elaborate things to clear the air, but my intuition whispered on how it is laudable to allocate your time and energy to ease others’ worries and doubts. That helps me to cool down a bit and be a saint.

Disappearing from the buzzing cyber world? Been there, Done that. But come on, tell me who on earth who owns a latest smart gadget that does the aforementioned and yet never feel a single inch of guilts about it. Salute to these people. I could use some tricks.

It all boils down that, cyberworld is always sneaky. It gives a boon in making you more friends but only give you fewer real friends.

How do I define real friends? We don’t talk on FB. We see each other and get the message across trough personal texting. We don’t stalk on pictures but we share them in our stories. We don’t compliment much on our children’s pictures but spoil them with real kisses and hugs instead.

Most importantly, we don’t read each others’ sentiments. But we listen to them.

So don’t give a damn when you can’t see me on my FB list. Come over to my house and let’s just talk and be real friends.

It’s the sanctity of friendship which I am learning the ropes of it day by day.

I am not being complicated. I am just being normal. And motherly instincts might have kicked in too.

Dear M. You are special.


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