Happy Voting

Weird that when it comes to Politics, some people can really annoy the hell out of you.
I have engaged in many series of political conversation for the past few months. In fact from the day 1 I was hired to write for the company.
Arguments can continue unabated when you meet the right person to talk with. It’s a healthy idea-sharing contest.
I love being in a conversation with people who see things from different angles. Most of them surprisingly are fence-sitters.
Instead of sticking to their guns on an idea which sometimes just sounds absurd  these people who are still at crossroads of things, sometimes see things better than we do.
They observe the ongoings in both parties, and established concrete but fair views.
This sort of conversation normally happens by chance, devoid of any loathing or scarring remarks to either parties.
But there’s also another sort of conversation – the one discussing politics’ only brutal nature.
While most people are now being more vocal, mutterings among the cyber crowds are still rampant.
I personally can’t help to feel annoyed while scrolling social network timelines and having to come across insulting posts of politicians they can’t even spell their names right.
You claim you are supporting the right parties, but you make fun of other people’s efforts and insult their so-called cliquish leadership.
It equals to making fun of a stranger you hardly know, albeit backgrounds you digested from just some random reading and conversation.
Despite gaining notoriety for such posts, some people actually won lots of ‘likes’.
I used to be an avid commentators of posts which I found lack authenticity, but at the end of the day, people who have strong convictions about a party won, or made a winner.
That was my last folly at becoming involved with groups who used insulting remarks as their battle cry.
The brute fact is such an attitude indicates nothing but a short foray to appear intelligent and knowledgeable in front of the cyber crowds.
I always wish that I can escape unscathed from reading such remarks, even when it was not pointed to an individual in the party that I favor.
However coming across a posting of a friend, saying a prayer that a particular broadcasting company will go bankrupt in no time, has crushed my expectations towards humanity these days.
“Aku doa company tu gulung tikar” (I pray the company will go bancrupt), that sort of remarks from a friend that have been posting quite a number of religious messages, is rather disturbing.
My mind could remain largely agitated to reminisce many other postings, but this one really takes the cake.
It probably is people who partly turn politics from a supposedly healthy competition for leaders to prove their mettle into some sort of cusswords contest.
It is sometimes those supporters who make politics look ugly due to their bad conduct.
Some people would probably not realise how much they can inflict hurt, psychological damage and mental distress through such cruel, calculated comments, made at the swift click of a mouse.
While the online community went ballistic, with Facebook and Twitter aflame with the condemnation of individuals and parties, I found myself fielding a barrage of well meaning questions about the possible aftermath if the decision does not go according to these staunch supporters’ expectation.
A pre-election brouhaha does help in sending the atmosphere into a tizzy, but the question is on how to make these people to safeguard their boundary in expression with their overpowering urge to post their sentiments.
After weeks of contemplating, people should know that a joint decision is freewill if they just don’t take part in exercising their duty.
Sometimes you can spell things out to make things better without being too wordy. 
Just cross, and let the best party wins.
Happy voting, people!

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