Drawing paper & colour pencils are courtesy of Nur Khalieshah.

Things went a bit haywire lately. Since Azim has been a bit busy with his newfound business and trips to Singapore, I have to juggle with last-minute bookings, googles and appointments all by myself (which would definitely be more fun if he’s around). We used to think that it was too early to buy stuff or make bookings once the date was set four months ago. Never I thought that procrastinate it gives us more stretch for ringgit and headaches. ‘Do hold your horse because it won’t be all smooth sailing at the beginning, but we have each other. The ceremony does matter but what matters most is the life we are going to embrace on that day onwards’. Azim always shines through with consoling words whenever I need it the most. I should be forever grateful.

Nawal and Meme will also be holding the same event just around the corner. We hardly either talk or meet too lately. It’s so hard to catch up with friends because of my unusual working roster, which I think the two are still figuring out on how it actually works. Journalists are not eligible for weekends off, unless requested, provided concrete reasons with bosses’ authorization. We do get off days on weekdays though, but it would depend on the roster and work schedules as well. Sometimes it’s only one day off in a week, and the roster too, changes every month. It’s a tad hard to plan a holiday or meet up without one month notice. We can’t help to cancel dates at the very last minute too (because we don’t have working hours and we usually need to stay back for some stories which appeared out of nowhere when we have just packed to go home). Sometimes most of our dates went unattended or cancelled because Nawal lives in Putrajaya and she needs to get home before night (and normally I only finished work after 7). Meme is mostly busy at nights too because her work revolves on planning events which normally held at nights. When it’s just nice to meet up, some things would come on the way (normally it’s from me), leaving one side hurt (and mad) and the other side with excessive guilt (believe me when I say it’s beyond descriptions).

(From left – me, Nawal & Meme) -This happens when you are all alone in a room full of read materials (I haven’t bought new books for so long!) and newspapers, and the only thing that could help you to kill the time (and unwind) is the newly charged blackberry. I miss you two.

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