“Home, let me come home. Home is wherever I’m with you”

Just a little updates on the happenings in my life for the past few weeks.

Life is getting better despite the hectic schedules I had to endure for the past few days. Work is getting easier too, considering the lesser time that I spend for a story now compared to few months back (when I could spend hours just to tighten a paragraph in an attempt to make it sounded nice). My backpain is also lesser now, and I’m still finding time for an appointment with the orthopedics just to ensure I am fit enough to still devote 12 hours of my time to my job for the next few years (which I hope I would).

Preparation for some blissful event in June is also doing fine despite our busy schedules. Azim is being more ‘husband-like’ lately, which is something I personally enjoy and worried at the same time. Probably it is too soon to lose a bestfriend even though I have always wanted him as a husband, more than anything else in this world the moment I discovered he could really be one. Sister has moved to Ipoh with husband and little Aura. Since we both have been a bit calculative lately to spare the saving and put aside some money to our new house,which will be completed in three or four months time, there is no plan yet to pay them a visit (and the car is consuming too much fuel lately and burnt a hole in my pocket). I miss Aura, and I couldn’t stop staring at her picture every night now, so I will make sure I will set a plan when I am some hundreds richer.

Much of our time were also spent on drafting budgets and organizing the wants list and the needs. We went through some hard decisions, too. Azim, for instance, had always wanted the gheta round-shaped bed while I think the four-poster bed is more than enough for a start. I on the other hand had always wanted the Ikea-assembled kitchen cabinet which costs three times my salary, but Azim said it’s much cheaper to get a cabinet installed by a ‘tukang’ in the area, and we can always opt for our preferable designs (which I had to agree for some extent). It takes hardwork to get calculative sometimes, but I hope it pays off someday (plus I am excited to decorate the house).

In another story, my youngest sister is anticipating her SPM result and I hope she will (she better be) pass with flying colours. Sisters and I have been spoiling her with retreats and stuffs lately, so I hope we will get something good in return (I pray she will be able to get to her dream university).The company has also been paying me good lately, another reason to plan a holiday overseas by year end. This would be, the highlight of the year, after June 3, with God’s grace.


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