Why do we have to


Have you ever wondered why Islam wants us to marry. This article will break down step by step the orders related to marriage and what are the ultimate benefits of marriage.

1.    The Law of Allah

Marriage is one of the laws of Allah that he has established for our world. The law related to marriage is the law of creation in pairs. Allah reminds us in Surah Ath Thariyat Verse 49: “We have created all things in pairs, that perhaps you may remember”

Then those pairs are to be established islamically through Nikah (marriage contract). Allah tells us in Surah Al Nahl Verse 72: “Allah has given you spouses from yourselves, and has given you, from your spouses, children and grandchildren, and has provided you with good things for your sustenance.”

2.    Islam Urges us to Marry

Allah has commanded us to help the believers to get married and to marry ourselves as well. Allah tells us in Surah An Nur Verse 32: “Marry the unmarried among you and the righteous of your male and female slaves. If they should be poor, Allah will enrich them from his favors. Allah is bountiful and knowing.”

Prophet Muhammad SAW also told the young to get married when they can afford it as it wards of much evil and helps them guard their chastity. It is narrated in Muslim and Bukhari that the Messenger of Allah SAW Said: “Young men, those among you who can afford marriage should do so, for it helps lower the gaze and guard the private parts. And those who cannot afford it should fast, for fasting is a repression for him.”

3.    The Promise of Allah

If anyone who wants to marry in order to protect himself from sinning then Allah has a promise for him/her. Abu Hurairah may Allah be pleased with him reported that the Prophet SAW said: “There are three individuals that it is a right upon Allah to help them: a fighter for Allah’s cause, a mukatib (a type of slave) who wants to pay himself off and one who seeks marriage for the purpose of preserving his chastity.”

4.    Sunnah of the Prophets

It is the Sunnah of the prophets to marry and they did not practice celibacy. Allah tells us in Surah Ar Rad Verse 38: “And we have surely sent messengers before you and granted them wives and offspring”

Prophet Muhammad SAW is the perfect example for us to follow. He was married and he was harsh in his statements regarding the one who neglects marriage. Aisha may Allah be pleased with her reported that Messenger of Allah SAW said: ”Marriage is a Sunnah of mine; and whoever does not follow my Sunnah is not for my followers. Marry because I will display your outnumbering the other nations on Resurrection day. Whoever has wealth should marry, and whoever does not should fast, because fasting is a restraint for him”

5.    Advantages of Marriage

Protecting one’s faith and religion

  • Anas may Allah be pleased with him reported the Prophet SAW said: “When Allah grants one a righteous wife, he has helped him to preserve half his religion. Let him then fear and revere Allah in regard to the other half”. It is clear that having a good partner will always try to save you from harms way, whether that is in this life or for the life in the hereafter. This creates a support system between the spouses and there is encouragement there from each other to do better and stay away from the bad.

Protecting ones chastity

  • Usamah bin Zayd may Allah be pleased with him reported that the Prophet SAW said: “I have not left after me a trail more harmful to men than women.”  Men are easy targets for Shaytaan as women fire up the desires of men. Being married helps them to control their gaze and to tame their desires by having relations with their lawful spouse.

Enjoying the Emotions

  • Allah tells us in Surah Room Verse 21 “And among his signs is that He created for you, from yourselves, spouses that you may dwell unto them, and he set between you love and mercy; surely in that are signs for those who reflect.”
  • What a blessing Allah has blessed us with to have emotions and how we create emotions for each other of love and mercy.  It is truly a sign of great magnitude as emotion is something that cannot be duplicated.

Pleasure has its own rewards

  • Abu Tharr may Allah be pleased with him reported that some companions complained to him saying “O Allah’s Messenger! The wealthy people have taken away all of the rewards. They pray as we do and fast as we do, and they give charities from their extra monies.” The Prophet SAW replied: “But has Allah not given you that which you may offer as Charity? Verily: Every Tasbih is a charity; Every Takbir is a charity; Evey Tahill is a charity; Every Tahmud is a charity; Commanding good is a charity; Forbidding evil is a charity; And having intercourse with your wife is a charity”

A lasting Relationship

  • This relationship is not only for this life but also for the hereafter as you will be spouses in the next life InshAllah. Abu Darda may Allah be pleased with him reported that the Messenger of Allah SAW said “Any woman whose husband dies and she marries after him, she will then be (in the hereafter) for the last one of her husbands”

Having Offspring

  • The act of reproduction is fulfilled according to the rules of Allah.

Building Kinship Ties

  • Not only do you have children now but in-laws, a spouse and InshAllah one day grandchildren and so on. You start to develop a family tree of your own which grows in front of your eyes. MashAllah what a supreme system that we over look from the bounties of our lord upon us.

Maintaining and improving the societies moral degeneration

  • We see the degeneration of moral values and the perversion of societies all around us due to the problem of marriage. Marriage and family life curbs many issues within our society. It is actually sad that not enough focus is put on this problem as it is the root for so many other ills in our societies.

Increasing the Number of Muslims

  • Abu Umamah may Allah be please with him reported that the Messenger of Allah SAW said: “Marry so that I will be delighted by your outnumbering other nations. Do not practice monasticism like the Christians.”

Strengthening the Muslim Community

  • Every benefit of marriage can turn into a negative if the sunnah of marriage is not preserved. The major problem that arises with not marrying is Zina. And Zina leads to breaking family relations, breaking ties of kinship, destroying the family system, leading many to homosexuality, spread of sexual diseases and other sexual deviant behavior. Eventually it leads to the downfall of the overall social and moral structure of society. By marrying we are strengthening our Community against all these evils.

“The day you complete Half of your Deen, Just remember, She in not only your wife, but Your Queen, A gift from Above,From Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem. You cant discard her  like your discard sins, or Items in dustbin. Until you look within and see, it’s full of leaves and interesting things.But your wife, is full more then that a creature of love, affection and a heart that melts when sees her Husband, her prince. Just like Allah united you in duniyaa, he will also unite you in the Akhira, in a placed called Jannah,”


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