Some wrong twists of zests

So, the newspaper has issued a public apology over the insensitive and what seem to be utterly disrespectful image of the disaster that has befallen the nation of Japan and its people.

Everyone expected that already, after so many demands and requests from many quarters to clear the air. An online petition was even signed up for people to protest against the paper today. The internet was abuzz with critics and hateful comments.

The publication of ‘Ultraman’, popular Japanese icon in Japan running away from an oncoming Tsunami that swept the country and killed thousand of lives, has surprisingly caught attention of many, including outsiders. You can even read the report in CNN today (How embarrassing).

People were livid, angry and furious. Some said the apology deserved to be torn to shreds, considering how disrespectful the image was to the grieving family of those who are still missing in the tragedy. Some said it was a mistake that was overlooked, and should never happen again.

I do believe that Zoy (the cartoonist) meant no malice when he drew the caricature (hey, he’s a nice guy by the way!) with these two assumptions:

1) He wanted to show readers that even Ultraman (which has always been associated and regardes as the most powerful icon and Hero in the country) lost to mother nature.

2) He was attempting to be funny. (which actually was only to some)

The so many attentions this issue had gathered proves one thing : The outpouring love by people of the world was so palpable.People just care.

My prayers to Japan. (please drop some prayers too as much as you can)

Stretching into the distance, waves caused by the tsunami pour over the coastline and rush inland swamping all before them. As the seawater passes over the land it mixes with the soil and begins to change colour to a dark brown. (Pix by AP)


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