Solution to Parent

This would be a welcome relief for parents who have been worrying about their children’s addiction to online activities due to the wake of various social networking sites of late. What’s a parent to do with their internet savvy 11-year-old who go online just to stay connected with friends and keep tabs with the world?

Everloop, a safe and closely-monitored social network which abides by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) was launched on Wednesday (Malaysian Time). Calling itself a ‘social looping platform’ that works by allowing creation of privacy loop around kids connection, the network has already roped in a partnership with Internet safety education programme to bring it to some 56,000 schools in United States.

The kids could participate in collaborative learning and school projects inside the loop with friends by uploading pictures and sharing comments as well as personalizing and decorating their profiles with plenty available layouts.

To join the site, a child needs a parent to register, which requires a credit card number for security (I doubt the effectiveness of this though). Parents can then prohibit friend suggestions or instant messaging or keep all options enabled. They will also be notified of every new ‘connection’ or ‘updates’ the children made. The objective is to get the kids’ online time focused on connecting with only one purpose. The network also monitors the site 24/7 for inappropriateĀ behavior and guarantees a squeaky clean site which takes parents’ worry away everytime they go online.

Well I guess my uncles and aunties all need one!


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